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You are correct about ATR being generated by PCSC reader; I think the ATR will remain the same irrespective of the reader for contactless cards; Long answer: ATR is for contact cards and is specified in ISO 7816. For contacless cards, it is the PC/SC reader (IFD) that generates the ATR. The ATR is constructed based on:

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undelete360.com - recover files lost due to a different factors: accidental deleting, viruses, software and computer failures Package strongswan-plugin-eap-sim-pcsc. xenial (16.04LTS) (net): strongSwan plugin for EAP-SIM credentials on smartcards [universe]

yum install cvs subversion autoconf libccid automake libtool gettext make cmake tar bzip2 gzip patch ncurses-bin gcc g++ flex bison pkg-config wget libpng2 libpng3 zlib gcc-c++ pcsc-perl pcsc-tools pcsc-lite pcsc-lite-devel pcsc-lite-doc pcsc-lite-libs ccid ctapi-cyberjack-pcsc monosim pcsc-lite-openct pkg-config wget libpng3 libpcsclite1 ... Lens Focal Length Tutorial 11 comments - about 22 hours ago. Which Is The Best Competition For Hikvision And Dahua Mobile NVR And Camera? 6 comments - 1 day ago. Looking For Information On Akuvox R29C-B Smart Intercom 3 comments - 1 day ago