J1939 flashing

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🎦 SAE J1939. Quite the same Wikipedia. SAE J1939 is a key protocol in CAN bus data logging, yet it is difficult to find a really simple and understandable intro to J1939.

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www.blinkmarine.com – [email protected] PKP-2200-LI_J1939_UM _REV1.0 1. How to connect CAN bus: 1 Negative battery Each end of the CAN bus is terminated with 120Ω resistors in compliance with the standard to minimize signal reflections on the bus. You may need to place a 120Ω resistor between CAN-L and CAN-H.

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透過J1939-73 協定中的診斷訊息(DM),使控 制器接收到韌體更新的命令之後,會進行Soft Reset,此時會重新開機進入到Boot loader,再判 斷要進行韌體更新步驟,之後同樣的也是透過 J1939-73 協定中的DM 進行Flash 空間的訪問讀/ 寫來進行更新。 圖15 Boot loader開機判斷流程

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