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Get Help From a Professional Spell Caster. Practicing magic takes skill and patience and isn’t recommended to do it alone in most cases. I provide more than 140 “do it yourself” articles and more than 300 “do it yourself” spells for educational purposes, but it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced spell caster such as myself and allow me to do the work for you.

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I read a forum a little while ago, i forgot which one that you can cast a spell and one cantrip in a turn. So i was wondering if you could just cast two cant...

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Sep 11, 2019 · This is the last practical magic spell you can learn from The Sages and you need to be at the top level of being a spell caster in order to learn it. This spell will allow you to turn another sim into a spellcaster (maybe even if they don’t want you to). This is nice if you have non-magical family members and want them to all be spell casters ... To cast any spell the Wicca way, a witch doctor needs to be approached who are specialized in casting Wiccan spells. They have all the tools necessary to cast any kind of spell or the spell they master in and they know exactly what rituals need to be performed and which deity needs to be praised.

Jun 13, 2018 · Absolutely! Here is an example of Casting a Spell which really worked! I went to a dance when I was 16. Things didn’t go as I intended, so I was leaving early. On my way out, I saw a girl sitting on a bench in a white dress and I was amazed by her...