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New MSP trying to decide what i want to start out in (and get stuck in lol). People be recommending solarwinds, but I'm not sure that's the right move. Looking for something that will be more relevant in the future, not less. To those that use solarwinds, will it be more relevant or less relevant to your business a few years down the road. Starting with NPM 10.4, SWIS now supports a REST/JSON API in addition to the existing SOAP API. The operations supported by each API are identical: the six basic operations of Query, Invoke, Create, Read, Update, and Delete; and the data you can access through each API is the same.

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As you should know, feed-dict is the slowest possible way to pass information to TensorFlow and it must be avoided. The correct way to feed data into your models is to use an input pipeline to ensure…